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Only $10 and comes with a free download card for our “Widespread & Overgrown” EP!

Get one here:

We Are Terrible At Consisitency.

But that will change. Stay tuned. ;)




Some excellent news. :)

Ladies and gentlemen… Ingo! The ferocity that is our bass player.

Taken at our first house show in Fredonia.

Wild times had by all.

Haven’t posted in so long that..

- We got stickers.

- We played a show in a moldy basement to a large, enthusiastic crowd.

- The weather turned into summer.

- We are starting to record again.

- Music Video?

- We all forgot our names, legally adopted new ones, remembered the old ones, and took them back.

- We discovered Anna Sun:

Lots in the works people!

Take care. Eat some ice cream, or a lollipop.

It’s been awhile since we’ve kept up with NMM or even posting in general!

So without further adieu, Rubblebucket. They’re going places and you’re going to want to be there dancing with them.

get happy now

Rollin’ on a River.

Add one solid 20 minute set with great audience feedback, subtract minor technical difficulties, multiply 3 plates of spaghetti together (and 1 chicken salad), and our very first show came out as one, steaming hot success.

Playing for an audience in chairs wasn’t the most thrilling thought as we began to play, but as the notes rolled on, the chairs didn’t matter, the lack of distortion didn’t matter, the sweat didn’t matter, and everything felt right.

Keep an eye open and your oranges peeled for upcoming shows in March (and beyond)!

First Show!

We’ve got our first show y’all.

Starting off small, but it’s a start.

Looking forward to our band spaghetti dinner, and a great event with some other cool local bands. :)

One of our personal favorite new bands, 1,2,3 is based out of Pittsburgh, PA.

Keep an eye out for these gentlemen! They’re making a noise, and a rich one at that.

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[Sidenote: the official way to type the band is “1,2,3” they are very hard to search for, find them here]